About This Website

About this website

As a member of Origin Green, your company has become part of something pioneering: no other country in the world has a national food and drink sustainability programme that operates across all key players in the industry.

Your company membership of Origin Green is proof of your commitment to sustainability so it’s critical that you can communicate your credentials in a way that’s relevant and engaging to your customers around the globe.

This tool helps you better understand the key sustainability issues in your sector and the specific topics that matter most to customers and consumers in different markets. As a result, you’ll be able to lead better-informed conversations with customers that leverage your Origin Green membership.

The insights in this tool are a summary of views about sustainability from food buyers and retail, manufacturing and foodservice customers, based on global research commissioned by Bord Bia and conducted by PwC via interviews. The consumer insights come from qualitative and quantitative research carried out by PwC and Point Blank.